Who we are:

We are Jace, Giddi, Juniper and Lotus (the pup). We are outdoor enthusiasts from climbing, yoga, and hiking to scuba diving, highlining, SUP, biking…plus many, many other "outside activities." Both of us are adventurers and creators at heart and we have now taken that to the road. We purchased and converted a Sprinter van and left in March of 2016 to travel from Arizona to Alaska. After a successful trip, we sold the van, purchased another, and did a completely new build in order to accommodate our newest addition to the van family - our baby girl, Juniper. We have since traveled down the Baja, Mexico and all around the western US again this year.

How we fund full-time travel:

We run a small business Giddi started a couple years ago called Carteo Handmade. It is handmade jewelery, beautifully crafted pieces from our small studio inside the van. You can use the link above for website and also find us on Instagram -  @carteohandmade

We have a blog post that goes into way more detail about how we make money. You can read it HERE.

Our Purpose:

The entire goal is to not live IN the van but to live OUT of the van - to take our passion for nature and the outdoors and turn it into a daily happening. We hope to inspire those who follow along in our journey to join our travels, to get up off the couch, and to get out and breathe. Feel free to follow along in our journey through Our Travels blog page and @ourhomeonwheels on Instagram. If you are interested in working together with us, Contact Us.