We are a family of four - three humans and a pup (bios and video below). We purchased our van in July of 2015 and spent about 7 months turning it into our home. We hit the road in April 2016, only 2 weeks after finding out we were expecting a child. Fast forward 3 years, we’ve traveled by van all over the western United States, Canada and Mexico. We now have a 2.5 year old girl and are living in our 3rd self-converted Sprinter van. The entire goal is to not live IN the van but to live OUT of the van - to take our passion for nature and the outdoors and turn it into a daily happening. We hope to inspire those who follow along in our journey to join our travels, to get up off the couch, and to get out and breathe.


Jace is the master of GO. He loves to constantly be doing things that keep our family happy and entertained. He loves adventure and pushes our family to keep life exciting by always knowing what activity is available to do in whatever location we are in. Jace is the first one ready to play outside. He impresses us on the daily with his rock climbing, highlining, biking, and outdoor skills that he often doesn’t give himself enough credit for.


The more creative one in the family. She has an eye for beauty, art and creation. She is a great photographer, stylist, cook, jeweler, musician and yogi. She is patient and an amazing teacher. She started her own company, Carteo Handmade, which funded our entire first year of travel in the van. She continues to come up with beautiful pieces and is constantly thinking of the next big business venture she wants to create.


She is 2.5 years old and a little handful of energy. Sassy, intelligent, and super energetic - she LOVES riding her bike, petting all the doggies, and eating mac n cheese. She is extremely independent and insists on doing most everything all by herself. Super quick learner, loves music and dancing, almost never stops talking. We love her like crazy. Little fireball always looking for the next thing to keep her busy.


An 8 year old Alaskan Klee Kai. She is the most chill dog ever. She mimics basically anything we are doing. So if its time to hike, or mountain bike, she’s right there with you and energetic and ready to roll. But if its time to lay on the bed and watch a movie, she’s right there falling asleep next to you. She rarely makes a sound, loves rolling in strange animal poop she finds in the desert, and running and digging in loose sand. She hates water and refuses to swim, but falls asleep comfortably perched up on a paddleboard.