Exploring Our Home State

Sponsored by Zappos & Blundstone

Well, its been a long time since we have put anything up on the blog, and a lot has happened since our last update. We continued traveling around the Southwest after returning from Alaska/Canada and had a blast meeting up with friends both old and new. Giddi was getting quite a bit closer to her due date and was starting to get a bit uncomfortable being on the road full-time, even at a slower pace than we were going before. 

For the time being, we have posted up in our home state of Arizona, the place where this all began. We are still in the van, but only part-time for now, and still getting out as often as possible to see the beauty around us. Adjusting to being in one place has proven to be quite difficult. We have less motivation, and less desire, and its harder to step outside each day. Partly because it no longer is just stepping outside... we now have to plan and drive somewhere out of the city! But we do our best, and always feel much better once we've gotten our "dose" of nature. 

This last week we have been taking it pretty easy, just doing shorter, mild hikes closer to home. Giddi is 39 weeks pregnant, but still hikes, longboards, and paddle boards with me every week. Its impressive for sure! We each ordered some new Blundstone boots this week from Zappos.com and they showed up super fast (not to mention, they shipped free which is always a bonus - we chose these ones  and these). So we headed out did a couple short hikes near the Superstition mountains east of Phoenix to break them in. They are rugged and super comfy. We dig them! Hiking in Arizona, a good pair of boots is pretty necessary. We both stepped on some cholla cactus and are happy to say we didn't even know until looking down. Next, they need to make some dog boots so we can get order them for Lotus as well! ;)

Here are some photos from our sunset hike: