All About Our Dog, Lotus

Meet Lotus, our Alaskan Klee Kai

sometimes she sleeps on the bed

sometimes she sleeps in her own tent

Part of our small, traveling family is a wee little doggy named Lotus. She is a super loyal pup and follows me (Jace) around EVERYWHERE I go. She even follows me into the bathroom when I take a shower or sit on the john. She wants to be in sight of me at all times. We get a lot of questions about Lotus, so I figured this was a good time to clear some things up:

Q: Is that an arctic fox/wolf pup/coyote?

A: Nope. Definitely a dog.

Q: What kind of dog is that?

A: An Alaskan Klee Kai.

Q: Is that a mini Husky?

A: No, that is in fact a different breed, but Klee Kai look very much like a small version of a husky.

she almost never drinks from her water bowl

we force her to cuddle sometimes

Q: How much does she weigh?

A: 17 pounds. Although she looks much bigger in pictures, she's a little dog. Like a Shiba Inu.

Q: Is that as big as she gets?

A: Yup. That's it.

Q: How old is she?

A: Almost 7 years old.

you could make sweaters out of this stuff

shes a nerd for sand and snow

Q: Does she shed?

A: hahaha do you see my clothes? Ever looked inside our van?

Q: Can she pull a mini sled?

A: I wish. That would be so sweet!

She's a pro napper

She's also a pro model

She is the greatest because she always mimics whatever the mood is I am in. If I want to sit and watch a movie, she just curls up and takes a nap. If I want to go on a long hike, she's running up and down the trail and wagging her tail with excitement. And of course, if I am hungry, so is she... because she's a dog and she's always ready to eat. When I said she follows me everywhere, I mean even canyoneering, paddleboarding, kayaking, biking, etc. We feed her a really healthy diet of Wellness Core RawRev dog food that contains bits of freeze dried raw meat. This keeps her energized and going for miles, as well as healthy and strong for all the activities we bring her along on.

She likes treats as much as the baby

Her favorite food. Haha licking her chops...

Although great with me, she struggles with almost everyone else. Luckily she likes (sometimes you could probably just say "tolerates") Juniper but is pretty terrified of almost all other kids. She is extremely shy. Most Klee Kai are people shy, at least at first when meeting someone new, but Lotus takes it to the max. She's very shy and it takes a LONG time to earn her trust. Even with how much she loves me, she hates cuddling. Which is a shame, because she's so freaking soft.

She looks like a wild animal

but she's actually pretty calm

We found Lotus through facebook. She was part of a breeding program but had to have an operation after getting sick. This made it so she no longer could have puppies. The breeder we got her from loved her so much and was so sad to see her go, but couldn't give her the one-on-one attention Lotus needed. We found her while in Arizona and drove up to Colorado to pick her up about 2 years ago.

Always ready for the next adventure

but rests the second you stop walking

If you see us on the road and want to say hi, she might let you, but don't be offended if she stays 30 feet away napping in the corner. She just needs her personal space, and her bubble is REALLY big.


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