Vanlife in the Land of Ice and Fire

Alright, before you ask, the answer is no. No, we are not crazy. We planned a trip to Iceland in the winter but to be real with you, its really not that bad. If you've experienced winter anywhere before, you'll be just fine. The name can be a little daunting (ICEland) when planning to head there in the winter months (or at all) but don't let that deter you. Iceland is a varied and beautiful country. But also to be real, it was winter, so yes it was still cold of course.

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All About Our Dog, Lotus

Part of our small, traveling family is a wee little doggy named Lotus. She is a super loyal pup and follows me (Jace) around EVERYWHERE I go. She even follows me into the bathroom when I take a shower or sit on the john. She wants to be in sight of me at all times. We get a lot of questions about Lotus, so I figured this was a good time to clear some things up:

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5 Tips to Staying Warm in a Van During Winter

Many people are drawn to “vanlife” because of the freedom of mobility it offers. If its too hot, you move to a new location. If its too cold, start driving. It is honestly how we decide where we are headed next. My Dad jokes that we “don’t travel by compass or gps, we travel by thermometer.” - He’s right.

But even if you're the same as us (or maybe you’re just a winter lover) there will certainly be times where you find yourself in some freezing temperatures. Here is what helps us to stay warm during those times:

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How to Fly Around the World for Cheap

Want to see the world? Want to experience new foods, cultures, places? Ya, most of us do, but we also have bills to pay and have to be grown ups. Luckily, theres LOTS of tips and tricks for cheap/free flights all over the internet, but today were going to tell you the TWO things we do...

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Jodie O'Shea Orphanage

When we were first planning our trip to Bali, we knew we wanted to do some sort of volunteer work while over there. I once heard someone call it “voluntourism” - going to a place and having a mix of vacation style days and humanitarian/volunteer days. Its an interesting name, but I guess you could say its an accurate description of what we were shooting for while in Indonesia. 

Since having a child of our own, kids mean something more...

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But Where Do You Use the Bathroom?

Ah, the one question everyone is most curious about... "but where do you poop?!?!" This isn't a very difficult question to answer, and you probably know most of the answer already, but... Buckle up, friends. We're about to tell it all. Ok, gross, not ALL. But we are going to answer this question as best we can. This isn't the most engaging post we've made but its probably the most important.

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