5 Tips to Staying Warm in a Van During Winter

Many people are drawn to “vanlife” because of the freedom of mobility it offers. If its too hot, you move to a new location. If its too cold, start driving. It is honestly how we decide where we are headed next. My Dad jokes that we “don’t travel by compass or gps, we travel by thermometer.” - He’s right.

But even if you're the same as us (or maybe you’re just a winter lover) there will certainly be times where you find yourself in some freezing temperatures. Here is what helps us to stay warm during those times:

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How to Fly Around the World for Cheap

Want to see the world? Want to experience new foods, cultures, places? Ya, most of us do, but we also have bills to pay and have to be grown ups. Luckily, theres LOTS of tips and tricks for cheap/free flights all over the internet, but today were going to tell you the TWO things we do...

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