Setting out on Our Journey

We are excited to begin this blog and adventure and to share our experiences with all of you guys. This lifestyle is a dream made into reality.  

Blogging is new for us, but will be a weekly duty from here on out! We have chosen to blog and share experiences to show how attainable anything you want to accomplish is! Again, we are excited to document our travels in Our Home on Wheels!

Background story about how this came to be:

I (Jace) had wanted to live and travel in a van since about age 14 or so. The sound of living in a van was freeing. You could go anywhere, anytime, and do the things you love to do whenever you want. (Most of this is pretty accurate and we love it. There are complications we will get into in a later post). Giddi was also somewhere in her early teenage years when she began dreaming of living and traveling in a van. Her dad used to listen to a french song called “La Boheme” which she loved and wanted to know what “La Boheme” was all about. That is when the inspiration of her early dreams and such a lifestyle began.

Early on in our relationship, the idea of traveling in a van was brought up in conversation. Well, really, the idea of living in a van was brought up. Thinking Giddi would be a little surprised by one of my dreams, I turned out being the one surprised upon finding out she had also been wanting to do the same thing. Long story short, we dated a few years, got married, and somewhere around 8 months after our wedding we bought our van and begin the buildout process.

So here we are, sitting in the van, bumming off of wifi outside a Mormon church in Hurricane, Utah to start this blog. It took us about another 7 months to convert the van into a livable space and we have been on the road for about 2.5 weeks now. We sold most of our belongings, I quit my job at Apple, sold our car, and hit the road. We spent the last 2 weeks between Utah and Arizona, with the majority being here in Utah (more to come in a later posts about places we have been). 

We are super excited to be on the road and even more excited to be sharing our journey with everyone. We plan on keeping up-to-date posts on where we are, where we have been, what we have been doing, how we afford to travel full-time, etc. So, join our mailing list for blog updates, follow us on Instagram (@ourhomeonwheels) and keep checking in for more photos and stories from the open road!

Much love,

Jace and Giddi

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